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Time:2018-01-11 Source:
January 8th, the company's quality department held a December 2017 quality work report and 2017 quality summary meeting. At the meeting, Zhu Jingjing, head of the qua......
Time:2018-01-11 Source:
At the beginning of the new year, just after the 2018 New Year's Day, everything looks fresh and gay. On the 6th January, deputy general manager of the company Mr.......
Time:2018-01-11 Source:
In order to enrich the corporate culture and promote the building of an enterprise's spiritual civilization, our company organized the New Year's Day celebration in......
Time:2018-01-11 Source:
On December 17th, our company worker Wang Yongzhen's house caught a fire and it suffered great losses. On December 19th, our G.M. Mr. Jiang Renhui, together with som......
Time:2018-01-11 Source:
On the morning of December 7th, G.M. Pan from Shengji Industry and his team came to Fine Technology to research new product development. The R & D teams of both parti......
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