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•January 2004.Registered Yangzhou Fine Electron Ceramic co., ltd.
• March 8,2004. Ceramic electrode assembled plant began to run.( Rented 800m2 area located No.1 ,Yunhe south road, Baoying county.)
• September 2nd,2004 Company moved to No.5,Renmin Road, Xiaji Town, began to produce ceramic and massively ceramic electrode. 
• Feb.2005,Certified by ISO9001/ISO1400.
• March 2005,Ceramic electrode was certified by CSA (c & us).
• Second half year 2005, Began to produce silicon nitride hot surface igniter and sold to North America. Got related patent.
• August 2006,Began to produce high temperature cable and other cables.
• May 2007,Silicon nitride hot surface igniter was certified by CSA ( c & us)
• In the beginning of 2007,produced ODS and pilot igniter.
• November 2007,Authorized as Jiangsu High-Tech enterprise.
• April 2008,Authorized as Technical-typed small & medium enterprise. 
• August 2008,Established Yangzhou Fine international trade co., ltd. In Yangzhou city.
• March 2009, Began to produce Thermocouple for gas appliance.
• December 12,2009 Headquarter moved to No.1,Guoxia east road, industrial zone of Xiaji town.
• March,2010 thermocouple was certified by CSA (c & us)

 • September 2011 we adjusted our structure ,close our E-bike controller project ,and made a clear target –the professional manufacture of gas ignition system and safety protection system .

• 2012 We move our thermocouple workshop to the new plant area ,and at the mean time we built a ODS and pilot burner production line .

• 2013  We have started our new plant construction plan ,we will finish our plan in 2015.

• 2013,July  Fine Electron build a standard  gas test center that according with the North Amercian CSA requirement ,we will test our product in our center by ourselves .also ODS project will be tested in this center .

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