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Guests from Taiwan came for a visit.

Time:2018-01-11 13:09:53 Source:

On the afternoon of November 29th, Liu Xunan, the chairman of Taiwan Alpha Brass Controls Inc. and Cai Jinhan, the general manager, came to our company for a half-day visit.

Mr. Jiang Renhui, the general manager of our company accompanied the whole trip, showing the guests around the workshops and CSA accredited laboratories. He made a brief introduction about the workshop production lines and product flows.

Subsequently, the two sides held talks on issues related to the future cooperation. First of all, General Manager Cai of Alpha Brass Controls Inc. made a brief introduction on their company's philosophy, teamwork, technology, production and future development.

Then, the two sides held consultations on the details. Mr. Chen Yichun, the technical manager of our company attended the meeting. Both parties were full of expectation and confidence in future cooperation in a harmonious, pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

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