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2018 New Year's Day Celebrations

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In order to enrich the corporate culture and promote the building of an enterprise's spiritual civilization, our company organized the New Year's Day celebration in 2018 to summarize the past, look forward to the future, relax the mood be active in body and mind and welcome the New Year.

On the afternoon of January 1st, all staff involved in the cultureal and sports activities organized by the company, such as badminton, tug of war, chess, basketball, karaoke, table tennis and quiz.
At four thirty in the afternoon, the company held an annual summary to award certificates and funds to the employees who received excellent workers and "Together for All" award and "Special Dedication" Award in 2017.

At five thirty in the evening, we gathered together in our big dining hall to greet the New Year with awards and lottery, singing and dancing.

Wish Fine a better and better future!

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